Shelter procedures require that stray animals be kept for a minimum of five (5) days before they are eligible for Adoption. However, animals that are “owner surrendered” to the Shelter are eligible for Adoption immediately. The Adoption fee for all animals is $63.00. All dogs and cats (that are of age) are spayed or neutered prior to leaving the Shelter. The Adoption fee is a flat fee even if the dog/cat is already sterilized. All animals are seen by our vet before going home. In addition to the sterilization, dogs/cats receive a rabies vaccination. Dogs are also tested for heartworms and are given a 5-1 preventative vaccine. All potential adopters must fill out an adoption application and provide a valid ID.

All adoptions are first come first serve on the day the dog/cat is available. This means: If you are the first person in our parking lot for a particular animal. Shelter staff will make contact with you as soon as they arrive at the shelter. We will take down your name and phone number, and you will be asked to return when the shelter opens. If you have not returned to the shelter by the time we open, you forfeit the adoption. If no shelter staff is available to make contact, then you are required to wait in the parking lot until the shelter opens. Waiting in line by our door does not guarantee you are the first person waiting for an animal. If you have questions regarding our adoption process please call the shelter @ 918-259-8311.