Attention: Rescue Groups and Individual Facilitators

The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter understands the sensitive nature of animal control operations. We make every effort to ensure we are consistent with current standards and practices both within government and outside organizations.

We have developed new standards and practices to ensure animals are treated in the best possible manner. There is a delicate balance between what we can realistically provide to stray and abandoned animals and what is expected from various interests.

The expectations and standards are directly related to Animal Shelter operations. They will be implemented soon to ensure consistent practices for staff and patrons. They include capacity limitations, housing of animals, access control of the shelter, and documentation. The complete list of expectations is available at the shelter. It is anticipated these changes will not influence the operations with regards to the general public.

We remain committed to providing the best service available. We remind citizens to participate in proactive measures to control (spay and neuter) the pet populations. If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please go to our website: If there are any questions regarding animals within the city limits of Broken Arrow, please contact the animal shelter at 918-259-8311.

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